Caving in Finland is something else

Caving in Finland is something else

There are countless glacial boulder caves and tectonic-glacial crevice caves and rock shelters in Finland, over one thousand in total, although these tend to be pretty small.

What to expect

A cave that fits two or three people comfortably is fairly sizeable by Finnish caving standards. A cave that extends for 20m or more is considered to be long.

Finnish caves can typically be visited with a minimal amount of equipment: a helmet, a head torch, and durable clothes are typically sufficient. Kneepads would be nice to bring as there is hardly any walking in our caves. You will propably spend the major part of your caving trip on all fours.

There is typically a lot of crawling in Finnish caves

It is not unusual to spend more time looking for the cave than actually exploring it, though. A number of cave surveys can be found on our cave map page. With the notable exception of Korkberget in Kirkkonummi west-south-west of Espoo, a cave map is hardly necessary…

Caves on the map