Finnish caves have a rich history and a story to tell

Finnish caves have a rich history and a story to tell

Rock shelters have an interesting history on the shores of the ancient Litorina sea after the latest ice age called Weichselian. Caves also served as housing for the people following receding ice. This makes these caves archaeologically interesting and archaeological finds date back thousands of years to the days when eastern and western stone-age cultures met.

Unisvuoren Susiluola (Wolf Cave of Unisvuori), Nousiainen.

The earliest mentions of caves in literature date back to the 13th century (Luolala near Turku).

In the 15th century caves were used for hiding money at least in Masku near Turku. It’s been speculated that a coin treasure found from a cave in Masku is related to a raided and destroyed nunnery from 1405.

This silver coin treasure found in a cave in Masku dates back to 1405

Oral tradition has it that countless caves were used as refuges during the Great Northern War. For Finns it was anything but great, though.

Caves on the map