Finnish Caving Society

The Finnish Caving Society is the first and only association focusing on caves and caving in Finland.

We founded the society in 2010. Today we have 60 members. Our members catalog Finnish caves and spend their vacations exploring large cave systems abroad.

Take a look at Finnish caves on the map.

Our goals

We want to promote caving and cave-related activities in Finland. We also want to increase the overall knowledge of caves and caving.

What we do

We provide information about caves and caving in Finland. Organizing caving trips to Finland and other countries is also something we like to do. As a member you are free to participate in our meetings, trainings and courses.

Our society also helps and promotes cave conservation and surveying in Finland.

We publish an annual printed member journal that you get when you join us.

Our society represents Finland in the European Speleological Federation.

We have an active Facebook group where you are free to join even if you are not a member. You can also follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

We also go cave diving

We do not focus on cave diving, but some of our members dive sumps and caves in general.

For cave divers only, there are other organizations.

Contact us

Send us a message at or fill in the contact form.
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Finnish Caving Association celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020!